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           Welcome to my world of bots and other unique creations. When I am not in my workshop creating my next robotic sidekick, I am making work and solving creative problems.


            I am a visual storyteller who goes on an adventure with every new character and new world that comes into view.  From traveling with space rangers, to collecting robots for my collection, I am always on the move. Creating whimsy and fantasy for children, young and old, is important to me, because I enjoy the innocence and possibilities that the imagination can bring to the world.


            My work is inspired by cartoons and anime, along with Japanese and American comics with a hint of robotic elements.  With great characters comes a great story. I believe in telling a story with each character I create, because I want the viewer to know that my world is their world. My art thrives with vibrant colors and creative energy that contains quirky elements in order to give the audience a cheerful and safe environment.


             I work with multiple mediums: watercolors, digital imagery, and pen and ink to name a few. There is more than one way to create an image, and there is more than one way to solve a problem.

              I earned my Associates of Fine Arts from Mitchell Community Collage along with my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a studio art concentration in Illustration from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina.


              Let me know how we can work together to bring the visual side of your projects to life.

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